My New/Temporary Model Airport Setup

Hey everybody! I would like to share with you guys what I have done so far with my model airport. My model airport is definitely a work in progress, but I want to show you my progress. My model airport is a fictional airport somewhere in the area of Toronto, Canada. I have named it Burlington Intercontinental Airport. I am currently waiting on my new terminals to arrive in the mail and will be creating new ground foils soon so stay tuned!


Here is a link for you guys to request certain routes for the next airport update: CJL Aviation Model Airport Route Request (

That’s a great model airport! I really like it!

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Thank you! Once I get my new terminal and ground foils it will be much better! :)

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Awesome set-up!! I remember in my younger days(7-8) having cheap plastic model airplanes with a paper mat that had runways and stuff on it… i would play with that for hours flying the little plastic airplanes around my house, fun times!!

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You’re so lucky. When I was younger, I didn’t really have any toy airplanes. XD

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