My New Setup: VKB-Sim Gladiator MKII

Thought I’d show the community my new setup. I’m in university now at California studying Aviation Flight as a freshman and am loving it here!

This is it: ~ ignore the green glare on the joystick ~

  • I’ve got a MacBook Air (not sure what year… I think 2015)

  • I picked up the Gladiator MKII from VKB-Sim (works really great with IF and is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux)

A quick word on the joystick -

I ordered mine off of Amazon for $100 which comes with the original boxing designed by VKB-Sim. It’s a good and safe box for shipping :) After setting it up through LiveFlight Connect, it really does work well. I’ve had it for only a week, but have had no issues thus far. It has a metal base with rubber grips at the bottom; it will not wobble when in use. The joystick will control pitch, roll, and yaw. The buttons feel good. Some seem better than others, but in all, they seem fine. Also, in comparison to its mount, the joystick itself feels light, but it doesn’t feel any less of quality than the mount. If you’re looking for a good medium to low-end price range HOTAS, in my opinion this is a great choice.

Hope those that are reading are doing well… Safe flights! ;)


Wow! I feel like an amateur with my old tablet on my knees! Looks like a nice setup.

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Hey, if it gets the job done hahah 😃

Hehe are we also supposed to ignore the book that you should probably be studying…?😉😆


Haha I also have a couple of papers to write… but that’s besides the point 😅 rip

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