My New Scale Aircraft Additions!

First off, I asked about the category for this and I was told RWA was correct not General, so I’ll stick it here.

Today I got three new models:
Eithad Boeing 787-9, 1:200, PPC
KLM Airbus A350, 1:200, PPC
Icelandair “Hekla Aurora” Boeing 757-200, 1:200, Herpa

Having got these I’m very pleased with them. They’re also surpisingly heavy. I’m also looking to get a fourth, so let me know what you would recommend that’s under £50/€60/$65.

If you’re wondering where I got these from, check out

Pics below


Very nice.

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Nice. Can you get ones that can move?

They’re so beautiful.
@anon91505560 you can get some RC aircraft here

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Love it. Beautiful scale models

I love the Iceland Air 757, such a beautiful livery!

Thank you :)

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It is…I love it, especially being just £16. They all exceeded my expectations - but that one was great.

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Awesome to hear, I might look at getting one

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Do, they’re fabulous. And out of interest, what country do you live in? :)

EDIT: I can see you’re Australian, don’t worry…

Haha yeah, I’m Aussie :P

I was going to say because the place I got these from was based in Amsterdam, but because your Down Under the shipping will be a lot. (I’m British so shipping was only like £7.50 or something).

Maybe I can find an Alternative? But if not I might just get it from Amsterdam.

Yeah, there’s bound to be somewhere in Australia, but if you decide to go here then you won’t be disappointed that’s for sure.

I always get the ones with gears

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Very nice i would buy a model too

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Yeah unfortunately they’re more expensive…

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