My new personal best landing points!

312XP landing points! My new personal best, I thought I would never ever break my previous personal best of 277XP :)

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That’s impressive.

I was at EGNX as well, METAR said gusts up to 41 kts. I earned around 450 XP but I was 21 minutes in the air due to a go around (yeah, it was a hard landing…).

Great job. Went too EGBB a bit ago, let’s just say it was a bit of a disaster…

I can hear the gusts from my windows now.

How do you calculate your landing points?

So that is a 240xp landing, still a really good landing.

You get 10xp for every minute of flying, so all you need to do is subtract your flying time x 10 from you total XP.
Only works with one landing of course :)

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Someone should calculate how much the winds effect on XP.