My new longest flight

So yesterday I was bored so I looked on the FedEx VA crewcenter and saw there was a flight I could do that would land at the right time. So I hopped in my 777F and spawned in at RKSI after downloading a fpl from, I put my fpl and that was it!

14 hrs 10 mins
I burned 221,057 lbs of fuel and brought 191,476 lbs of cargo with me.
I initially climbed to fl290 then fl310 and finally fl330 (I know I could have gone higher but I was asleep)
Alright now to the pictures!

Thanks for viewing!

Please remember I did adjust the time for some pics


What an awesome shot! Loving this 😍😍😍


thanks! it’s my new wallpaper lol


I absolutely love it! πŸ˜€
Especially the one in sunset with the other plane!

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thank you!

Love the pics mate my longest flight I’ve done was KSFO-WSSS United Airlines 787-9

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Nice! That’s a long one!

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