My new longest flight!

Here is my longest flight I have ever done in IF! Started October 1st, 2021 Completed October 2nd, 2021!!

Aircraft- Boeing 777-300 ER
Flight Time- 11 hours and 32 minutes

Ready to line up at LFPG

Rotating out of LFPG at 06:06:57 local time

Somewhere over Austria

Somewhere over the Middle East

Sunset over China from the wing

Final at RCTP 05R

About to touch down (I made this during noon so you could see)

This was a great flight completed for @ChinaAirlinesVirtual
As you can see some pictures look black because that is the reality of what I was flying in haha!



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Thank you!!

Lovely pictures and it looked like a great flight!

Just want to give you some advise, when in replays hit that little camera icon in the bottom right (it is to the left of the globe), this will get rid of player names, airplane boxes and will remove the time bar at the bottom.

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Yeah on that last one I accidentally screenshotted with my phone😂

Hahaha, that happens. Do you plan on doing an ULH?

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Yes I do! This weekend actually!