My New Longest Flight! Lax-Lax!

Hello, IFC,

I am currently trying to beat my longest flight record of approximately 35 hours!
My flight is from Lax to Lax (around the world)!
Here is some info:
Aircraft: 787-8
Airline: Infinite Flight
Server: Casual
Altitude: FL 310
Airspeed: 400 Kts
Call sign: N31LN
Name: IFC-Robertine

This flight should take a day and 2 nights so I am making a pit stop in East Asia, France, Maybe New York and then back to Lax.

You are welcome to escort me, spot me, follow me, etc.
Thank You!


My previous record ^


Above the Indian Ocean!

Wow sounds like a journey ✈️ Good luck mate 👍🏼

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Next time you should have no seats or cargo and do a full circumnavigation

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Thank You!

Good idea!

I read the title and thought:

How can this be your new longest flight?!?!

Then I read the topic…


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77L still needs on stop for that… It doesn’t have that much range lol

You can do this mate!

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My flight crashed due to intense turnulence and bobbing but i will try again soon.

I took off again, now LAX to LAX on casual!

I hate it when LiveFlight doesnt show your flight plan even when you have a destination set.

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I agree…

The closest its gotten is estimating flight plan or something

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Yep. I hope it updates…

thats ultra- ultra long haul.

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Stopping in ZBSJ, please join me for a while :)

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