My new journey

I recently noticed that IF has so many liveries and regions that I never used before, and I was bored of flying the same routes and airlines, so I decided to try out something new. I decided to let the coincidence decide where I would fly.
It works like this: 1. I go to Flightradar24. 2. I choose the airport where I landed at lastly (my first short haul airport was my hometown airport Munich, while my first long haul airport was Hongkong), and go in the departure Segment. 3. I scroll up and down with my eyes closed, and pick the destination that is the furthest up, but still visible (I of course only consider short hauls if I am looking for short haul flights and for long hauls for overnighters.) 4. I recreate the flight as accurate as possible (cruising alt, gates, etc.)
I separated short and long haul because I can only fly long hauls on weekends.
I hope I could somehow explain the system to you, but now the pictures:

My first flight was for the long haul journey with the Cathay Pacific A350 from Hong Kong to Tel Aviv:

Here I am over Kazakstan

After landing I started my short to medium haul journey with a flight from Munich to Berlin Tegel

Here I am taking off from Munich in an A320

My third flight was also short haul and took me from Berlin Tegel to Helsinki in an Finnair Embraer 190 (generic livery because we don’t have the livery in IF)

Shortly after our climb over northern Germany

I immediately continued to Istanbul with a Turkish Airlines B738 (again generic for the same reason)

Pushing back while a Finnair Cargo MD11F is taking off heading towards Liege

After landing in Istanbul I didn’t even have to switch plane because my next ride was also in a Turkish Airlines B738 but to Sofia this time

Sun is already setting when we are on short final in Sofia

My last medium haul was unsurprisingly with WizzAir since it’s very likely to click on a WizzAir flight in the departure segment of Sofia Airport. Anyways, my next flight was WZ95 with an A320 to Eindhoven

Short final in Eindhoven late at night with a Turkish Cargo A33F holding short before departing to Amsterdam.

My last flight of the day continued the long haul journey with a B78X flight from Tel Aviv to Johannesburg

Cruising over South Africa

Summary Short to Medium Journey so far:

And here’s my long haul journey so far:

Let’s see where the sky takes me next!
To be continued…


I used to do this too before I started to join VAs. It’s very fun and exciting!!


Great topic , really
Love to see how you discover infinite flight :)

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How can you get this?

Hi? Can anyone help me?

Btw nice screenshot

So I went to the Website and make a custom map. After downloading it I drew the lines myself

It definitely is!

Love the TLV-JNB flight! 😉

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That was especially interesting due to me departing westbound, and therefore having to make a sharp turn to the south to avoid crossing the border

Indeed. Departing westbound is always interesting from TLV. I mean, we would know best! 😉

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