My new favorite thing to do in Infinite Flight

Find a river that originates high in the mountains and follow it down. So far I have done the Jinsha, Indus, Blue Nile, Colorado, and a few others.

“Sounds kinda boring, what’s so fun about that?” you ask. The scenery is always epic, but there’s more. Rivers take some interesting paths down and around the mountains, which makes the flight feel like a bobsled or downhill mountain bike run at times. This kind of route also provides a more engaged flight experience because pilots cannot simply turn on autopilot and walk away. It really gets the adrenaline going!

Has anybody else done this? I highly recommend it! If you need help or suggestions, just ask.

✈Happy flying ✈

“Entrance” to Tiger Leaping Gorge, Jinsha River, China
Nearest airport: ZPLJ Lijiang


That sounds like an awesome idea! I will have to try that out! :)


Try following the Indus from ZUAL or the Jinsha from ZPLJ for an idea of how wild it can get. Elevation is best between 1000-2000 AGL, and I keep my speed down to about 200 knots on average.


There’s one river I particularly love on my arrival into PAPG I always love to follow it if I’m coming from the south and make a turn to line up with the runway. It’s super cool!

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I haven’t ventured up there to try this out yet, but I bet Alaska has some good ones!

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Nice idea, will have to give it a try sometime!

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Wow this is really creative! Perfect chance to take out the TBM and buzz around!

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I’ve flown down a few rivers before. Mostly those flights start or end in Pittsburgh, because yinz know we got plenty of those… 😜


I’m definitely going to give that a try, starting with the Columbia River in the Pacific NW USA!

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Youse guys and your yinzes 😄 Three rivers? That’s a lotta wooder! ❤, a Philly expat

Peeyay’s mountains are a bit tame for my tastes, but I’ll give 'em a go for nostalgia.

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Uck, philly talk… 😂

(Only kidding, Philly’s a great city, but I can’t say that around these parts… 😂)

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Try the Mach Loop in an F-14

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Yeah, TBM is great for these because the extra power can get you out of a bind quickly, but you can also take it slow without dropping out of the sky.


A few screen shots would go well with this post

Can you give me some airports I can do this in?


Here’s 5 to get you started:

ZUAL (Ngari Gansu), depart north to intercept the Indus River.

KGNB (Granby/Grand County), depart south to intercept the Colorado River

HABD (Bahir Dar), depart southeast to intercept the Blue Nile River.

ZPLJ (Lijiang), depart northwest to intercept the Jinsha River

VNJS (Jomsom), depart southwest to intercept the Kali Gandaki River

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Very cool photo Patrick, be sure to add some to the appropriate category of Screenshots and videos

I’ll leave that to you all :)

Thanks a lot!!!

True VFR flying, this looks like a ton of fun!

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