My name is Air France 958 (computer)

I use computer, okay!
I’m creating this post just to alert everyone including the ATC’s that I’m simulating Infinite on the Computer with joystick and command like lights, motors all in buttons. My future step will be to create a mini command simulating a cockpit. As such I dispense the help of the support and everything else that concerns the IF … This post is so that all when they see my name AF-PC in the aircraft knows that I can present defects then advancing I apologize to cross a runway or another plane yet I’m testing and I’m creating the function automations.

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If you’re experiencing difficulties sometimes controlling your aircraft and making this post to give a heads up to IFATC, I would recommend practicing on a different server before heading to expert with your setup.

When I got my joystick I spent a day getting used to it on solo so I wouldn’t be a nuisance on Expert.


Yes, as stated by @Yacht you should be testing all commands on solo, casual or training. We will treat you as any other pilot when it comes to service and enforcing rules. Feel free to use this feature on expert once you’ve tested it and are sure there are no major issues with it. Thanks


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I’m already in Casual I’m just saying that when everything is ready I go to other servers, but if I happen to pass between a plane though it’s stable becose sometimes a bug or something happens. But it’s good to always warn.

I need to test on other servers because there defect like delay’s and contact with ATC that I have to make sure it will work well on the computer. I still see some problems today.

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