My Munich to Düsseldorf flight. Eurowings A319

I decided to fly the relatively short flight from Munich to Düsseldorf, but to be honest I did originally plan to Cologne Bonn but after leaving IF on auto nav for too long and ending up past Cologne and decided to land in Düsseldorf instead😂. I also decided to use the A319 to Düsseldorf with Eurowings, all in all a nice flight with some nice scenery too😀
Here are some photos:


You forgot the photos. 😅


I’m just gonna do them now😂

Taking off from Munich


You can edit the main topic and put the photos there.
And the HUD should not be visible in the photos

Next time put them in original post

O I’ll edit the post then

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Finally figured this out, unfortunately I couldn’t get captions for each pic without destroying half the photos oddly, and I’m also still very new with to the community so I’m still trying to figure out all the post features so please bear with me :)

I know your new, once you get the hang of it, its good.
Those are some pretty nice pics!

Next time, just get rid of the HUD.

Ye, I did look through the settings to find where to get rid of the HUD if you could tell me that would be much appreciated :)

Tip: You can use replay mode to get clean images. No need to have a screenshot during the flight. :-)

aha!! That really helps thanks, instead of me trying to screenshot whilst landing an A319 XD

Your Welcome. Hope we see more good images soon. :-)

Thanks :-)

Awesome pictures mate! I love them, keep It up! :D

Oh, and if I haven’t already, welcome to the community! Looking forward to more of your pictures.

Thank you :-)

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