My Most Scenic Photos from 2020

So a couple of days ago I posted my 10 best photos of 2020, these are my best photos from 2020 that are strictly just scenery, wing views and photos of the scenery. The scenery of certain flights is the main reason why I fly them. I never fly boring flights between two boring cities like New York and Dallas to London and Frankfurt. These are my best photos from 2020 that showcase the scenery of Infinite Flight.


The Japanese volcano of Sakurajima as we fly south from Tokyo toward the Western @CollinFlys Australian city of Perth


Flying to the east over Columbia flying the old DHL 757 from Honduras to Trinidad and Tobago in the Southern Caribbean


Descending into Kona dropping past the Hawaiian island of Maui as the sun sets after a long summer flight from San Jose


The lush hills of Oregon flying an American 737 up to Portland on a Memorial Day flight from Phoenix


Flying the stunning approach in the old American 757 into Quito, Ecuador on an April flight from Miami


The descent into Salt Lake City over the foggy Rocky Mountains flying the Delta A321 from Atlanta


An Easter flight into Lihue descending past the Hawaiian Island of Oahu, home to Honolulu, the Hawaiian capital


The foggy Andes mountains as we fly Southwest toward Santiago taking the long journey between Paris and the Chilean capital


Crossing the north coast of Australia flying the worlds second longest flight, the 18 hour trek between Auckland and the city of Doha


My favorite scenic photo from 2020 is of the Big Island of Hawaii, also on the Easter flight from Phoenix to Lihue cruising high above the islands in the US Airways 757. This photo shows the lush landscape of the windward, wet side of the Big Island which quickly turns to dry lava over the volcano Mauna Kea.

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

The Kohala Volcano (on the far right side of the last picture) is so old that it experienced what…
  • The building of the Egyptian Pyramids
  • The Big Bang of the Universe
  • The flipping of Earths Magnetic Poles

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My top 10 photos of 2020


Stunning scenery… wow! 🤩
You totally amazed me mate 👏

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Very scenic

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@Mafiaviation thank you! The scenery was amazing :D

@Yazad yes it is!

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Great job! I’ll make sure to fly to these places, bookmarked!

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And people still say Infinite Flight’s scenery is bad.

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These are really incredible photos. Please keep it up!

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love the photos!!!

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Amazing photos!!

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Awesome photos, you never fail to impress!

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Absolutely stunning really looking forward to visit all of them!

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This is the worst thing I have ever seen on the IFC!

Ok not true at all if you read the blurred text. These are some of the most detailed images I have seen on the IFC!

My favorite picture will have to picture number #4. The editing, if there is any is out of this world, the shot makes it look like that it is a real mountain with the Hawaii island. Another thing about the picture that stands out to me is PHNL. PHNL has a mostly or what I would say front row center to the picture. When the Terminals and clouds come to IF, I would love to see you recreate this picture!!

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fake smoke

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@fly.akm thank you! You definitely should fly them

@Dylan_M it’s definitely really cool, not sure why some people think that

@Skydriver900 thank you!

@ILOVE7879-2.0 @LongHaulGuy thanks! :D

@CollinFlys thank you Collin!

@IF_WALLPAPERS all of these places won’t disappoint! They are amazing

@A320_Flyerboy19 😂 thank you! I love the Hawaii photos too, I love Hawaii so much


Amazing! 🤩

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Definitely! And hopefully the photos are too😉

Woooooow. Amazing shots.

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Thank you!😃

All of the photo are beautiful I don’t have a preference all is a beauty !

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Thank you! I’m happy you like them 😃

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