My most recent pictures

Group flight from Kandena Afb to Elmendorf Afb.

Boeing 787 departing Shanghai.

WOW Air flying to Keflavik.

Beautiful scenery of South Africa.

American Airlines 757-200 flying to over the Chicago region to San Juan.


Amazing pictures! Some really nice editing!!!

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i could say it nice, but there is no 787 cargo (your second photo)

It says it under the picture.

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Thank you!!

it is not a 777 hello???

this is the 787image this is the 777F

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if you don’t know the difference the 787 and 777, it’s hilarious

Hahaha, I guess it hilarious that I did not notice. Thank you.

i mean your editing skills are great, i am just pointing out the mistake, thanks

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It’s alright, I think it would be better for someone to point out my mistakes than to let it be incorrect.

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