My money left my account for IF but I ended it today and it expires tomorrow. I still got charged

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— Hello! I canceled my IF subscription today but still got charged for it. I don’t know what to do because my one year subscription expires tomorrow. My IF account is linked to google.

Hey! I recommend you email

They’re the only ones that can help you in terms of refunds and payments.

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Infinite Flight support can move subscriptions but I’m fairly certain that @Marcus_flyer1 will have to contact the App Store or PlayStore depending on where the purchase was made to ask for a refund.

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For google when you cancel your subscription you will still be charged for what you have already payed for it just wont automatically renew when it expires

I agree but I canceled the subscription and I don’t know how to ask for a refund the other ways

Can I ask if your on iOS or Android?

Handled via email