My Million XP Flight - To Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams!

To Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams! - Robin Leach

Today, I finally made a great milestone of 1,000,000 XP! After a year and a half, 105 violations (class one), one report, and over 2000 flights, I made it.

I recognize @Anthony_Williams for giving me my route idea, @anon38496261 for spotting, and @GBKarp for stopping by to watch me land as I made the grand journey across my great country, from the current busiest airport in the world to my home airport.

Follow me across the rainbow!

Route: PANC - KHSV
Aircraft: FedEx MD-11F
Time: 6:45 minutes
Takeoff Runway: 33
Landing Runway: 36R
Cruise Altitude: FL350

Good morning, from Anchorage! Cargo is loading and a lucky fifteen passengers are climbing into the first-class lounge, where there will be free champagne and caviar for the taking!

You know what they say - Rotate!

After a beautiful departure, we have made it to the Klondike Capital, Whitehorse. In the distance is the infamous 60 Degree Terrain Cliff.

To my northwest is one of the biggest territorial anomalies in America, the legendary Northwest Angle. Welcome back to the United States!

Welcome to Chicago, the Heart of the Midwest!

To my south is the Music City - home of Hot Chicken, a Batman-shaped AT&T skyscraper, and plenty of music, of course!

After a surprisingly long flight south, we have hand-flown a great butter/grease onto Huntsville’s Runway 36R. Watch the great TriJet do its thing!

@GBKarp, thank you for coming on down and watching my butter. Now, time to send some packages down I-565 to Huntsville and beyond, and take some of my friends to tour the River City - Decatur, Alabama.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, vote below for your favorite!

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Thanks for stopping by!


Nice Flight! Congratulations on 1,000,000 XP!


Congrats, glad to see you reach this milestone. And you even flew over my home city.
Cheers my friend.

Caviar is amazing!


Minecraft farlands be like:

Great shots mate, hope to see more from you :^)


Thank you, I hope to see you around too!

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Woah amazing pictures!!! Coincidentally I’m also on my 1,000,000 XP flight from Dubai to Frankfurt.

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Fabulous pictures and well done on 1M XP!

Great pictures!! Glad you went to Anchorage! Congrats on 1 mill XP!


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Wow, congrats. I’ve been on IF for more than a year, and only have half of a million XP.