My milestone

Last night I hit my 1000 online flights milestone and that was all thanks to me doing a flight from Stockholm to Riga in Latvia so I wanted to share it with you and it was hard and I was very happy when I hit my 1000 online flights.

Thanks for reading and safe landings

I want to say thank you to all the ATC who helped me get from gate to runway to the air with ease

Ps:Thanks to the global update I had my sights set firmly on my milestone and it made everything so much easier


Keep on flying, soon you’ll be at 10,000

But how could you just land a third of them? You should definitely try landing more often because in my opinion it’s the most challenging and fun part of flying :)

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usually people spawn at the wrong airport, gate, or aircraft, so when they change it and go back in it counts as a flight.

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