My Mess of a Great Flight!

1) Background to the photos
To celebrate the 5th anniversary of IF Live, I did a flight from KSFO-KLAX as ‘Infinite Flight 2019’. Along the way, I almost ended up in the ‘no frequency’ zone of the vast Pacific and almost got ghosted three different times. This was one heck of a crazy flight.
2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Expert Server, 1300Z, KSFO-KLAX
3) Photos

After a great takeoff out of San Francisco, we are on our way to the lights of Los Angeles.

I was lead out to sea, nearly in the ‘no frequency’ zone.

First off, I would like to thank @Prashant_Divedi for not losing his marbles and ghosting me; I was distracted for just a second and responded to a command just in time. I have never been that close to a ghosting before without getting it.

I proceed to intercept the localizer for the WRONG runway!

I butter my landing on the right runway, finally doing something right.

I get about halfway done with my taxi, when I realized, I FORGOT TO DECLARE TAXI TO PARKING!

After getting my marbles together, I thank the controller and leave the game.

Maybe I should spend some time on Casual Server; I had no clue how close I was to getting sent to TS for a week. Thank you, all controllers I interacted with, for not losing your marbles on me.

Feel free to PM me, @Prashant_Divedi, so we can work this out and make sure I do not get so close to ghosting if you want. I would love some pointers.

All in all, this was one heck of a flight. Thank you to everybody who made this such a crazy and awesome flight!


Yikes! What a scary flight. But great pictures!


Wow, scary. Luckily you landed and great photos. Happy birthday Live!


Yikes. Glad that ATC didn’t go crazy over your mistakes. I make stupid mistakes a lot and I always beat myself up over it. Regardless, great photos!