My love story with Infinite Flight!

When did you start playing infinite flight, and how?
I was about 10 years old looking for sims to play in, i found Extreme Landings and FlyWings, but well… they weren’t what I was looking for (𝘌𝘴𝘱𝘦𝘤𝘪𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 𝘍𝘭𝘺𝘞𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴), but one day while I was scrolling throw the Apps you may like on the AppStore, I saw Infinite Flight, and I got interested, so I googled Infinite Flight and I saw SO MANY GOOD reviews there, so I told my mom if she could buy me the sim, sHe SaId NoOo, So… I did this, my mom used to give me money for food in school, instead of buying food, I started saving the money (for like 3 days) until I had enough money to buy an apple gift card, when I got home with the money I asked my mom if I could go out to play with some friends (even though I had none), and she said yes (I guess my mom wanted me to socialise with kids my age) Anyway back to the story, I got out of the house and started running to the closest OXXO (convenience store in Mexico) and when I got to the store I found out they had no 100 pesos gift cards, so I ran again to a pharmacy that was close to the store, and when I got there, I grabbed the 100 pesos card and bought it, I got home really excited to fly the 787, and when I redeemed the card and downloaded infinite flight… SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! You had to purchase the 787 (yes, back in the day you had to buy planes), so I started saving money again and I bought it, best choice I’ve ever done!!!

I know it’s a little bit long, but it’s worth it haha


Great Story! 😄

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Haha, thanks mate!

Same thing for me… I started off playing Airplane!, Extreme Landings, FlyWings and so many more. Like you said, they just weren’t what I needed them to be. Then comes infinite flight!! I got the app, convinced my mom to buy me a few planes and it’s been uphill ever since!! I want to say I got the app around 2017 or 2018. Infinite flight was the icing on the cake for me when it came down to wanting to be a pilot. When I was younger, I had the thought, but it faded away because I got interested in so many other things. Fast forward to 2021, I’m getting ready to be a high school senior and I’ll be going off to college in 2022 to become a pilot. Hopefully, I’ll be flying for Delta within the next 10 years


I had a story way back with IF… though I remember only having the free app and flying around LA for hours… oh how the times have changed

I completely feel you on that.

What a great story, you made the right decision!

what a great story, in my case my mom said that i was procrastinating, so she didn’t buy me anything, in what device did you used to play if?
in my case i used my iphone 5s haha

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I used my iPad mini for a while until it got pulled from the device list. I now use a Family (Refurbished) iPad Air 2 for IF. I still mainly use my Mini for regular iPad things.


My love story with infinite flight cost me 6 apple devices .


My love story with Infinite Flight destroyed my back

Mine led me to purchase an iPad Pro that is used 90% of the time for IF only

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I used to do the same, but what made me love the game was when i got to know some fellow locals who also play and eventually get myself involved in the community.

I can’t relate more, I’ll be flying out of Gatwick having scoliosis. 😂


Omg same man😭 I got my friends to give me food to keep me going😂

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Fly Wings. A nightmare.
(I know since I’ve played it before I found IF).

Well I was looking for a good flight simulator a few years ago and you know, when you typed the words ‘flight simulator’ into Google Play, the ones that came up were usually no good. Worse, those people rated those flight games (not sim) 5/5. I tried it, and my first reaction was ‘Hey! This is not what a real cockpit and plane looks like!’ Then I tried X Plane and Aerofly, they were better but the choices for aircraft were limited and most importantly of all, no Live and ATC back then. One day IF came up. I installed it and figured out that it was what I needed. Then everything went by quickly, I had Pro, starting off on the Casual Server, working my way up, witnessing so many fabulous updates, to the point where 3D buildings became a reality.

After all, IF is the best!!
Here’s to the next 10, 20 and 30 years!!


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