My Longest Narrow-Body Flight

Well hello again!

If you haven’t seen my last screenshots topic, go look at that: Flying A Forgotten Airline From Algeria To Italy And Back .

After my flight today, I decided it deserved a little screenshot topic. Usually I only do long flights with Belgian airlines, but I decided to give this defunct airline a shot.

  • Route: PHL/KPHL - BRU/EBBR
  • Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
  • Airline: US Airways (US/AWE)
  • Flight number and callsign: US750 (AWE750), Cactus 750
  • Flight Time: ~7 hours
  • Server: Expert

And now the shots of course!

On the ground at Philadelphia, getting the aircraft ready for this transatlantic crossing.

Crossing runway 27R while taxiing to our departure runway 27L.

Lining up on runway 27L, ready to get this powerful beast in the air.

Lifting off of U.S. soil, bound for the European mainland.

Overflying one of the most well known airports in the world. Can you name it?

Passing someone flying to the U.S… At a safe distance of course.

Entering Belgian airspace over Koksijde and passing a German friend.

On short final for runway 25L at Brussels.

Just exited the runway, now taxiing to our gate.

Parked up, letting our passengers off the plane to go and see the beauty Belgium has to offer.

And that’s that! I did really enjoy this flight, excluding the messy takeoff and questionable landing. Tomorrow I’ll be flying the return leg, then as Cactus 751 of course, if you see that callsign in the skies, you’ll know it’s me.

Anyway I hope you liked the shots! I’m still a lot better at editing real life photos, but I think these came out quite well. Let me know what you think!

Until next time!


Amazing pictures!


Great screenshots! :)


These are amazing, Well done !


Some of the best shots I’ve seen this month! (Seriously, they are very good though) Hmmm, that airport wouldn’t be JFK, so I don’t know? ; )


Nice! Hopefully PHL can get Brussels back again soon :(

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Thank you!

@Jinco Thanks a lot!

@CaptainDinglehopper I appreciate it!

@Captain_ATK Thank you! And hmmm, I wouldn’t know ;) .

@jwiththe737 That would certainly be nice. I’m not 100% sure when the last time was to be honest, I think maybe 2016 was the last time American Airlines flew this route. It’d be awesome if they ever started it up again.

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I believe that is JFK.

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Amazing pictures! That’s KJFK too!

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Amazing Photos!

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Yeah, maybe with the A321XLR on order!

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@Cordale Thank you! And it sure is!

@AviatorRyan Thanks a lot!

@jwiththe737 Possibly. I think I may have read something about a possible return to Brussels when they receive some A321XLRs, but I’m not sure. We’ll just have to wait and see!

definitely gotta try this one out. Longest i’ve done so far was honolulu to denver on the 757

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Distance wise this one isn’t too much longer. I definitely recommend it though if you like long flights, it’s quite scenic when passing over Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Ireland.

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Awesome shots!

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Yeah, I think American is replacing the old 757 routes with the XLR.

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Lovely! I haven’t flown the 757 in a while…time to fly it again c:

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Thank you!

@jwiththe737 Yeah I think I read that somewhere. Well, they served Brussels with the 757 (in earlier years with the 767 and 777 as well), so that’s promising.

@callaa Thank you! It certainly is a nice aircraft to fly (albeit a bit touchy if I’m honest).

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You flew right o we my house I am right next to JFK

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Cool, guess I should’ve waved down to you xD.