My Longest Journey - Reúnion to Los Angeles!

My Story: Reúnion, a small island in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Madagascar, is an extremely beautiful island! Their national airliner, Air Austral, has a wonderful logo and fleet of long haul aircrafts. I figured why not use my boredom in quarantine to complete a flight to one of North America’s busiest airports for international carriers, Los Angeles?


Flight Details:
21 hours, 50 minutes painful, i know haha

Training Server


Departure Time: Approx 10:57 PM EST (yesterday)

Arrival Time: Approx 8:47 PM EST (today)

Taking off from Runway 32 at Roland Garros Airport in Reúnion

A slow but steep climb

Beautiful view of Reúnion as it disappears in the distance

First view of land near Mogadishu, Somalia

Few hours later over Greenland using the Arctic route

Arrival into North America near Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut, Canada

Descent & approach into Los Angeles

Landing at RWY 25R at a very busy KLAX

I truly recommend this route to those who love long hauls. I won’t be doing any flights tomorrow for the health of my device though, haha!


Didn’t Air Austral cancel there A380s?

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Yes! But it still exists in Infinite Flight with no restrictions :)




😂😂 That’s the reality with a bunch of hamlets and inlets in Nunavut, Canada! Im sure they all have meanings in the Inuit language

nice pictures! my longest flight was CDG-LAX!

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Thank you and nice to know that! I’ll add that to my list as well.

No. Just no.


ooo, very long flight.

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Try a flight from EGLL to NZAA


Nice photos, 21 hours though, but of a trek if you ask me😂

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Huh, what are you saying no to?

I’ll add this to my list thanks for the suggestion!

I know, its incredibly long! Imagine if it were a real route… yikes.

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Wow… very long. And why on earth would you ever fly into LAX on he training server? Just no

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I’ve gotten used to it and trust me even though I said it was busy, it definitely wasn’t as busy as it would be other times of the day. To me, it seemed organized for once. 😂

Also, expert server is very lonely and dry sometimes 😐 Basically a ghost town, training seems more active.

On the expert server, you just need to find the airport to fly to and there will be insane traffic.

25R isn’t a landing runway, it’s departures lol

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On the training server, there’s no restrictions. The controllers direct people to land on 25R/25L more than any other runway so that’s out of my power.