My Longest Flight

I just did my longest flight in IF on the A330. The climb-out and landing weren’t too good, as I’m still training on this aircraft type.

Server: Expert
Route: Boston (KBOS) - Amsterdam (EHAM)
Date / Departure Time (Local): 30JUN22 / 2300 EST

About to pushback from gate B12

Taxiing to runway 22R

Rockin’ on out of Boston!

Cruising at FL370

Descending over the North Sea

Fully established on runway 18R

Puttin’ it down…Airbus style!

SUPER long taxi to the gate

Pulling into gate F7


Nice job! The photos look really great!


Congratulations ! Hope you liked your flight ✨


Looks like a great flight to do.


She may be a big bird, but she lands so smoothly! Great Job! 👏

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What type of landing does the Airbus Style give 🤔?

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The A330 is always a fun but difficult aircraft to fly for me, especially during long hauls like these, so nice job 😂

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Great job! I’m doing a long haul right now, from New York to Dubai!

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Awesome photos, and the captions were really charming too ;)

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A buttery style!

Gordon Ramsay is that you 👀?

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