My longest flight

Because this is just informative I thought I would make a new topic. I just finished my longest trip around the world. I flew from JFK to London Heathrow, to Dubai,
to Hong Kong, to Los Angeles, and back into JFK. As far as I know I never left the server because I would only leave in between flights for one second to copy my new Flight Plan. It isn’t counting one of The Landings so maybe I did leave the server for a second but it says my total flight time was 44 hours! Thought I would just share this milestone with the IF community


holy wow thats amazing that ur device didnt crash


Nice! But please post it here:

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That’s incredible!!

I got two warnings throughout the flight from my phone saying my CPU was being overloaded but I just ignored them and it turned out okay. The key is Graphics low and rendering low and for flying overnight, even if it was day in that part of the world I would still set it for night just so it wouldn’t burn out my screen


thanks man. I think it’s my best accomplishment in the simulator the date. My Approach into JFK was flawless. Whoever the approach controller was, great job!!


this deserves its own topic lol


My phone screams at me after 5 mins of flying. I ignore it. Great flight time!

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Some people have gotten 70+ hours :)

I am on a Galaxy S10 so I think that makes it somewhat okay. I would love to get a gaming phone though to go even further

I’m always amazed when I see stuff like this.

That is what you call determination.

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@Tyler_Barley the app did not crash?

Nope. I am probably jinxing myself but actually I’ve never had infinite Flight crash on me

Simply amazing man!

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My longest flight was 14 hours! This is Awesome!

@AlphaSeven Wanna try that flight yourself?

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Thanks man, welcome into the community, lmk if u ever want to fly

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Thank you @Tyler_Barley! I will let you know!

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