My longest flight! United 78X for 13 hours (with sea pineapples)

I am so happy

Hey guys!

I am super hyped because I just completed 1); My first ULTRA LONG HAUL, and 2); My longest flight yet, and 3); the app didn’t crash!!

The route was Sydney, Australia to San Francisco, California; it was operated by a Boeing 787-10 aircraft owned by United Airlines.

Enough muttering. Here are the photos!!

After pushback at YSSY. Flaps 20 degrees. Passengers getting comfortable for a nice thirteen hours in a plane.

Taxing to runway 34L as a British Airways 787-9 embarks on a Project Sunrise type of adventure to EGLL. Godspeed to the pilot!

Ro-tah-taeyaye from 34L. Thirteen hours to go!
Also, the 787 totally has gear tilt! Here’s the confirmation!

Totally buzzing @Qantas094’s house 😈

Farewell to the land lubbers me harteeez

If you can find the Pacific island in this picture, you are no longer normal. also try to find the pineapple under the sea

Continuing into the sunset with one of the world’s most elegant aircraft.

I totally flew this on real time but I had to change to noon for the screenshots. The landing was flown at night using ILS

Not much to see over the ocean, so here’s gear coming down on final for runway 28L at KSFO

A very buttery touchdown with 20 knot crosswinds that I perfectly corrected for 👌

Parked at the United terminal with a totally random TBM that kept following me around @AviationFreak, do you know who this is? 😂

Shutdown checklist complete

And that’s it! That concludes the flight. Im so glad that my app didn’t crash!!

Make sure to let me know which one was your favorite! This flight might also have a gate as a Flightlapse coming up, so do watch my YT channel for that.


  • Pushback
  • Taxi w/BA 789
  • Rotatayeeet
  • Feelin the buzz
  • Landlubbers
  • Find the island
  • Epic sunset shot
  • Gear down
  • Butter w/crosswinds
  • Parked! (feat. TBM)
  • The Rick Roll (sorta) 😂

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Did you find the pineapple in the sea?

  • Yeet
  • No yeet

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See you tomorrow!


Gorgeous photos!

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Thank you!

(did you see the pineapple)

For those wondering, there’s legit a pineapple in the sea 😂 🍍

I see it :p

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The TBM totally wasn’t me being the Welcome Committee. dont tell @anon38496261, but I was the TBM 😁

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amazing photos, also found the pineapple lol. I also saw my house i think


I don’t live in Sydney…

Also, nice shots mate!

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Nice shots, I like the landing and tbm photo

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What was your flight time? It looks like a super fun flight!

@Qantas094 oops, lol. Thanks!

@Ramnws Thank you!

@NoahM Thanks! 13.5 hours or so

Also, did you guys find the sea pineapple?

What server was this on??

This was on Expert :)

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13 hours? Welcome to the club. If I ever fly with you, trust me, we’ll break that record. Several times.

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Sounds lit 🔥

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Awesome photos! I was so happy when I finished my first ultra long haul as well!

And I did see the sea pineapple

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The TBM photo was the coolest one in my opinion. I like how it shows the sheer size between the two. Incredible photos!

@KindaTartySliceOfPie @PDX_Flyer Thank you!


Nice photos maybe next time you can do London to Perth that would be sick

Nice photos!

Just wait until you try Manila to JFK, on Philippine Airlines’ A350 or B777.

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