My Longest Flight in A350 (SCEL-VHHH)


With the recent addition of the A350 aircraft, I am going to be very ambitious and try to fly the aircraft at nearly full load from SCEL to VHHH, a flight time of around 22 hours. Obviously, the fuel capacity is there in IF, but I need some opinions:

Do you think the A359 can fly 22 hours with full fuel and nearly full pax load(~20000 kg of cargo w/ ~220 passengers)?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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If you voted maybe, feel free to comment why and if anything should be changed!

From the recent flying I have done with the aircraft(a lot!) it seems like the file you put into the aircraft is fairly accurate in terms of flight time, so I am hoping this will work. Any help/comments/suggestions welcomed!

Thanks, safe flying, and happy new year IFC!!

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I think it can fly 22h nonstop, if you use step climbing method, (i picked maybe so im not sure yet)

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If you use no pax or cargo, you will probably make it. Near full pax tho, that could be close.


Yea, full pax and a decent amount of cargo will be close. You would have to step climb to try to make it. Also depends on winds, if you are getting any type of headwind that is decently slowing you down, I don’t think that would work out. Good luck!


That seems near to impossible without running out of fuel or stalling during climb but good luck though!

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