My longest flight I ever did in IF

I have finally done my longest ever flight in IF. From New Zealand (auckland) to the US (LAX) FT: 12:52.

Parked at the gate to load up the cargo and passengers

Done loading up and now starting pushback for runway 23L

Taxing to runway 23L

Taking off runway 23L

Cruising at FT360 at dinner which is ham with side of mashed potatoes and pretzels for snacks🥨🥩🥔. And also gluten free options if needed

In N out Picture!🍔

Landing at LAX with both the atc tower and viewing tower behind

Taxing to parking : sorry that I changed the time

Bye United! Have a nice flight!

And finally parked at the gate to unload the passengers and cargo.“We hope you had a nice flight! Thanks for flying air New Zealand”

And that’s it I hope you guys enjoyed!


Beautiful shots 12 hrs well done!

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Thank you very much

Nice commentary! And nice flight! ✈️

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Thank you I tried to put a little fun into it.

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