My longest flight ever!

Hello ifc,

Now I know there are plenty of longer flights but I recently flew my longest flight, I flew from Istanbul to Miami. It took 11 hours, 50 minutes, and a lot of patience.

Taxiing in Istanbul


Climbing out of Istanbul mentally preparing for this long flight

Looking at the stars while I think about what I want to do with my life

Descending over Orlando

On downwind as a Korean 747-8 departs overhead

On a nice parallel approach with an American 737-800

On short final about to have the smoothest A350 landing of my life (-21 FPM)

Taxiing to the terminal while American does American things

Parked at a very busy terminal

Well, that concludes my longest flight! I’m gonna try and go big and fly from Singapore to JFK next.

Thank you for viewing!

Have a nice day :)


Very amazing shots!Especially love the sixth photos

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I did this in a 777F as a code share for UPSVA

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Incredible shots! My favourite one has to be the takeoff photo with Istanbul Tower in the background.

Have a great rest of your day!

~ Ben

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Amazing photographs. What a brilliant way to remember your longest flight! 👏🏻

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Great shots!

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