My longest flight ever!

I wanted to share this milestone i usually only do short flights 1-3 hours occasionally 8-9 hours but this was a very long flight from KDEN to HDAM

this was on the expert server from KDEN to HDAM 13 hours 54 minutes across the UK, Germany, egypt, then down to Djibouti. Beautiful flight strong winds accross the Atlantic but weather was great otherwise with minimal traffic.


Beautiful shots!

Nice. Im currently on final after my longest flight of 16 hours.

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Nice i will probably be doing another one tonight just need to think of a good route

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Nice! My longest flight is PER-LHR and it completely drowned my iPad DONT DO IT unless you can wake up at 4 am to plug it in

I keep mine plugged in i haven’t had a heat issue yet its been 2 months so I dont have that issue lol (yet anyway)

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Nice, 13 hours is a good way to start. Mulitply that by 2 and you have my longest nonstop at 26 hr and 13 mn. Hope you get there one day!

I Definantly would like to try but I havent flown many of the long haul planes like 747 or a380 they make me nervouse lol and I wouldnt want to stop for fuel that defeats the purpose

I don’t do that cause my moms an IT and tells me not to do it or I will overheat and damage my battery

Great looking photos, beautiful plane!

Pm me that route. Thanks.