My longest Fight OTHH - NZAA 15 Hours

Try OTHH to NZAA in the 777-200 LR

Sadly had to stop for fuel in YAYE 10 hours in.

Now 12 hours in and just over 2 and a half hours to go

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Why are you cruising at M0.9! The 777 cruises at M0.84!


Thanks that explains alot…

Also did you climb straight up to FL400

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No only after refueling,

was at FL360

No he didn’t you can tell that from the LiveFlight pic!

For a 15-hour flight you should start between FL300-FL330, then step-climb - will also explain why you had to refuel.

Also, what was your V/S during your initial climb


thank you for the info i will remember for next time and

VS 4500 too FL 360 as i was light

I agree, @Benjamin_Whitehead Did you climb right up to FL400, or did you step climb? Also, M0.90 is way to fast for the B777 and commercial aircraft for that matter.

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You would not be light for a 15-hour flight - did you have pax and cargo.

For a flight at the length, you should start at +2500fpm max and then decrease as you climb.

Would also explain why you were short on fuel

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@Luke_L he was at FL360 initially, I have already told him about that!

Light in regards to PAX and Cargo ,

PAX 180
and 2 tone of Cargo / Bags

Ok, didn’t see that message earlier.

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What was your load percentage on takeoff?

Thanks Luke ,

I Will remember all this on the return leg back

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I estimate that your load was around 65-75% @ TakeOff

You should ideally have started at FL330 and step-climbed - climbing initially with +2500 and then decreasing, being around +1000 above FL280

Ok I’ll evaluate here:

Well done on the flight however,

The main issue is that you had to refuel, which shouldn’t need to happen so in the future:

Use SimBrief to determine cruise altitudes
Climb with a low V/S on long haul flights
Cruise at the proper speed

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Thanks Ben for all that do you know if there are any tutorials on Simbrief here

because Im not to sure how to use it,

thank you on all your help

That flight you shouldn’t have to stop for fuel, i’ve flown it before with enough fuel… That’s a non stop flight:)

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Check this out!

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