My longest ATC session ever since


Hi to all members,
I just want to share this session I have done yesterday at LAX. Big much respect for those pilots who puts effort and time for right manners and conduct. Beginner pilots I have encountered yesterday was so special. I see pilots who are actually patiently waiting on taxi lines before take off (5 mins waiting time or so) without cutting in line or taxiing to each one another.

For take off and landing procedure: Rwy 25R for take off and all four Runways for arrival. It was pretty frustrating and intense for controlling Ground and Tower without having a break, all traffic coming from any directions from Ground to Tower. But I am impressed with these pilots, they did a very good job (I mean some of them and most of them)

I still believe not all pilots who fly at Training Server are just want to kill time and have fun but the professionalism, dedication, and effort they want to learn. And this is best day or probably a week actually. I still want to learn more if you are also interested.

I learned a lot not just in this Simulator but also from this wonderful Community. But yeah guys that’s it LOL

P.S - the recording time is half hour more as I switched up to Ground and Tower. (6:42 hr) straight no break :)

And also if this against the rules, our beloved Staffs will always welcome to close this thread, no worries. 🙂

Stay healthy and keep safe everyone.


Oh my god!? On training server!? Wow, this guy is a legend.


Congrats! Keep it up


That’s quite impressive at LAX on TS! 👏

Hope most listened to you.


Wow! That’s amazing, The one time I don’t fly to LAX on training I always used to fly there on training to get some traffic on my flights but I don’t fly on training much anymore. How were you able to hold up for almost 7 hours it gets pretty hectic there

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That’s truly incredible. I’d have a stronk if I had to control LAX on TS.

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@Darius_Glover thank you. And yeah some of them and most of them listened to instructions and I am so happy :)

@anon42527263 i completely understand you. You will encounter every different pilots. But yeah it is so hectic and frustrating as well.

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You’re the legend we need, but not the legend we deserve 😳

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Wow great job! It gives me hope that there are a good amount of people on TS making it enjoyable with realism and professionalism!

Wish I could’ve caught you today at LAX, Currently 5 hours left on my 14 hour long haul!

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How many Operations didi you get?

@avChes ha! Yes you are right. There still pilots who always enjoy flying on training server and I enjoy controlling there too. Thats the best day of my life, probably a week. Its pretty fascinating seeing Grd 1 and 2 pilots acting so professional and I am impressed.

@Ocean1c not sure how many but its quite amount. I think close to thousand or so (not really sure man sorry :))

So that’s why I could not get tower 😂. Anyways nice job keeping your cool for that long in TS.

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This is impressive!! Keep it up.

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