My Location Pinpoint

My Location

This is a feature that would allow a pilot to view his/her current location. It would be a dot or beacon, only visible on the map. Similar to what you would find on Google or Apple Maps.

How does this work?
A pilot can decide wether or not they would like to have access to this feature, by clicking a checkbox in the settings page. It would either enable or disable the beacon point.

Why do we need this?
This could come in handy for pilots that would like to “flyover” their current location. It would also be of use for pilots looking to find airports near them.

If you like this idea, feel free to leave a vote, or comment!

Would other people be able to see where other people are or is it just visible to you

It is only visible to you.

Ok. That’s good. I travel a good amount and when I travel it could be cool to see where I am. Also you can vote for your own request

I understand the idea but I don’t think it’s really needed. You can use live flight and see a street map for free and it basically does the same thing. To find airports around you, can use live flight for free. The airports have a large blue dot to mark them to they’re just as easy to see as the map on the simulator

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