My local VOR here in France

Thanks to IF, I discovered that there was a VHS Omnidirectionnal Range (VOR) very close to where I live.
After a bit of research, I found it and as I had never seen one with my own eyes, I decided to go and see it.
Here is Melun’s VOR (VOR MLN)

I couldn’t take a better picture as the access was prohibited and apparently dangerous

"Civil Aviation

Aerial safety

Access prohibited

Danger of death"

VOR are physical facilities that allow planes to navigate and to know there position by all kinds of weather. These might disappear as GPS is getting more and more reliable.
If you want to learn more please watch El Famoso Captain Joe’s videos :



Those pictures are AMAZING!

Definitely not Biased ;)

Finally, a French “spotting” topic!

Good job!

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BTW for anyone interested, the sign in the second photo says:

“Civil Aviation”
“Aerial Security”
“Entry is Prohibited”
“Lethal Danger”

EDIT: well the original post says it now so :)

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Thanks @Robertine

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Quite odd looking VOR though, as it’s missing the ring around it ;)

Really cool find though (must have been a cool experience!)

That’s what I thought at first but in fact there is one. The picture doesn’t show it too much though

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Yeah, might be. Not as easily visible as it is most of the time though. Probably a relatively modern VOR (?)

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