My Live subscription runs out tomorrow -- Should I renew it?

Tomorrow, my 1 year live subscription runs out, which I paid $70 CAD for. When your subscription runs out, do you lose all the planes you have to pay for or do you still get them?

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The aircrafts and regions you didn’t have prior to buying Live+, will disappear once your sub runs out.


Ok, is it cheaper to buy Live again or buy all the planes?

You get a whole lot more for your money if you buy Live+ again than buying everything separately.


I’d tell you to buy live+ if you can, for the freedom of it… but it really depends on how much you use it. I wasn’t using it that often so I just got regular live without regions and only 3 planes but looking back I would’ve been better getting live+ because I fly in infinite flight very often. 😃


I think you should bye it

IMO I think you should wait until global comes out.

Buy it buy it buy it buy it buy it. Definitely


I think it’s been answered.