My live server is almost always at “!”

My live server is at “!” It is almost always red then it stays red I have strong internet. It says Disconnected: NetworkError sometimes I have good flights where it is green the entire time and sometimes it just goes red right after takeoff.


This usually happens if you exit the simulator. Did you exit the app for an extended period of time? Even a pop-up notification like the low battery can disconnect you from the live server.

I might have. I’ll check during my next few flights if this might be the cause. Thanks!

Are you using wifi or data?

I am using WIFI

Ok, @mtjacob could well be right on the money but lets try and work through a few things and get some background to the issue.

  • Has this been a permanent issue since you purchased a subscription? If not, when did it begin?
  • What device are you using & what OS version?
  • Does the loss of connection happen every flight? If not, how often would you say?
  • What version of IF are you running?

It began about 1 month ago, I am using a pocophone F1 (andriod) 9 PKQ1.180729.001 , 3/5 flights, 19.4.2

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Sorry bud, just had to do a bit of research as I haven’t come across the pocophone before.

So the timing could be a key bit of information here, the fact is started approximately 1 month ago could coincide with the A350 update. Do you recall it being fine before that and since that update, becoming temperamental?

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I think it was happening before the a350 update but not as frequently

Ok, it’s a strange one. Will have to hand over to @schyllberg, good luck with it!

Checking the replay will tell you much :)

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The replay cuts out at about 30 mins into the 2 hour flight

Any messages indicating inactivity or disconnections in the message box?

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