My live fight won't reconnect

Im trying to reconnect my liveflight so i can land with my joystick but iw wont connect, i am on the same wifi and liveflight connect is enabled please help, fast

I have just tried fully turning off and on my pc and no change

Hello, sorry if this sounds dumb, but have you tried:
-Restarting infinite flight
-Restarting the device with infinite flight
-Disabling then re-enabling live flight connect
-Triple checking your internet is the same and stable…?

im 5 hours into a flight and about to land so no to the top 2 but the bottom one yes

Do you have an android device? If so, you can try connecting your joystick directly to your device (if you have the proper USB cable)

Check out this thread here:
Joystick Tutorial

IOS, that’s why I use it

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