My live expired early

I don’t know what happened but when I tried to go on live, it says I have no active subscription even though I bought one four days ago. I have the latest version on the iPhone.

You should present the evidence (receipt and stuff) so the devs can look into it better :)

Make sure that either you or your parents cancelled it.


I logged in fine four hours ago and I didn’t touch anything.

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I would, but it has my address and my name so I don’t want to.

Ask your parents if they did anything.

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None of my parents touched my phone.

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You can censor that off I believe… The purchase details should be sufficient…

I can’t because it is on my phone but I have it.

Please provide proof, you can crop out all the personal info on your device, be sure it includes the date of purchase and make sure its the same account you purchased. Have you tried signing out, restarted, signing in??

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You tried the “Report a Problem” button?
Go here and sign in and scroll down to the bottom and send us to see if your live subscription is active. This will show if it’s expired or active.

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Send us this @Narroc_Wim

So then it should be active. Below are the steps i recommend,

  1. Make sure it’s the same account your using to sign in
  2. Log out, restart device, Log back in.
  3. If problem persists could be you need to re-install the app
  4. If none of the above works, make a support ticket.


I got it to work after restarting the app six times. Thanks everyone for your help!


Wow six times… I’m glad it works for you!! :)


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