My little Spotting trip

Hi guys 👋🏽, i went and did a little spotting and this was what I got.

Virgin Atlantic’s A330 off to Grenada 🇬🇩

jetBlue’s A320 from New York

Westjet’s Boeing 737 for Toronto 🇨🇦

InterCaribbean’s Embraer E120RT Brasilia from Dominica 🇩🇲

Hope you guys like them 🙂


love it

i really need to go back out spotting at BGI, i havent in MONTHS lol


Cool shots ! ;)


I really agree, its just a little sad that the arrivals have slowed down.

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Thanks much 👌🏽

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Nice photos! I don’t think i’ve ever seen that jetBlue livery before!

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Nice shots! What camera do you use?

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we should be gettuing world2fly from spain next month

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Maybe u didnt but what i can tell you is that its very beautiful.

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I use the Panasonic Fz300

Yes i saw that.

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