My little journey

Hey guys I don’t wanna get shot down or anything but I thought this was cool. Basically I’m doing a world tour where every time I land a flight I will do the next departing flight and see where it takes me. I will edit this and mark down each route I do so keep watching this topic!


You mean as in opening FR24 to see what aircraft departs next?

Hmmm, I’m kinda confused here… Could you add a tad bit more detail to tell us what’s going on here? It’s just a bit confusing.

This is a cool idea, I think it might be kinda hard to get out of certain areas with not too many flights going on atm tho

Yes I mean on FR24 sorry for the confusion! Basically just a randomized world tour! Starting tonight

What do you do if there’s multiple aircraft departing simultaneously :)

Neat idea! Good luck on your adventure!

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Ask Siri pick a number 1- however many 😂

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That sounds amazing! Super cool idea!


I’m pretty sure @IanD is doing the same thing too, fun!


Thanks for tagging me in here @Thunderbolt! I had that same idea about a month ago and it took me around the world real quick, even with the lack of international flights due to COVID, which kinda caught me off guard in a good way. I started in my home city of Kansas City, then the following route ensued: KMCI-KDEN-KMKE-KATL-KFLL-KEWR-EGLL-LSZH-OMAA-VOCI-OMAA-VILK-VAPO-VIDN-VIDP-VOHS-VOCI-OTHH-LEZG-EBLG-KMEM-KDFW-KPHX-KMCI. Only took a week but I was able to see so many different corners of the world and places I have never heard of before. Good luck and enjoy your flying!


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