My Lexus told me to post this

A Lexus told me to post this

Lexus ES300h

El Al Israel Airlines, B787-10
Expert Server

Bye bye


I agree with your Lexus


I agree with your Lexus


Bro keeps hearing things from inanimate objects, he may need to visit a psychologist


It’s just a joke, I know cars don’t have feelings lol!

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I agree with your 2024 Lexus RX Hybrid starting at $52,100.

How did this start off as “My Grandma told me to post this.” to a vehicle telling you to post it…


And my dog

Also a table lol! My table told me to post this

I agree with your Lexus

I do not agree with your lexus

Oh why not?

I have 1:18 models too! This is adorable and those are all nice photos… What other cars do you have? I’ve got a 15’ XC90, 19’ Touareg, 10’ Touareg, and a 16’ Q7 out on display. I’ll provide pictures here later when I get a chance. I totally imagine everything around me has its own imaginary conscience. Maybe not telling me to do things (in a non schizo way) but judging me for sure 😂.

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Subarus are better


I asked my parents (both phycologists) what hearing voices from inanimate voices means, and they say it’s called auditory hallucinations, which can be from a neurological issue, or something like psychosis.

Anyway, I think your Lexus has good taste in routes, planes, airlines, and lighting. So that’s something.

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That’s so cool! It’s a 1:24 scale actually, I have like probably 40 1:24 scale cars and like 10 1:18 scale.

You guys do know that I didn’t actually hear a car talk right?

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What airline should I make my next topic on?

  • Japan Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Generic
  • More El Al
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Sounds like a serious problem

My Daughters half eaten chupa chup told me to vote for American :)