My LAX Trip Into an iMovie!

Hey IFC!

I decided, because I’m bored, to take my try at editing a few clips and pictures and making a short movie!

Now, I am really bad and editing and this was my first time trying but I think it came out okay!

I showed it to my parents and they were really proud. :)

Anyway, enough talking! Here the video! Enjoy! :D


That music though
Nice spotting pictures!


Ah yes, ze minecraft 👌music👌

Cool video, imovie is an amazing tool for making videos. I have one coming out soon aswell.

Also, you aint the only one who uses c418 music!

I use it A LOT 😂😂

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Thank you! It took about an hour


I put it in as a joke 😂

Thank you! Glad you liked it

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Lol M I N E C R A F T C O M E D Y 😂

I bought the entire album of them for like 2 dollars a few years ago on iTunes 🤣

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Yeah yeah same lol it is just sitting there in the back of my itunes

I totally forgot about them until I realized I could put in different sound tracks

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Yeah same and thank god they are not DRM protected.

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Oh yeah, happy about that 😂

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Nice job! I turned my Missouri trip last month into a tripreport but ended up scraping the project a few days after I uploaded it, wasn’t happy with the result. But I got a few pointers.

  • Commentary is way less time consuming than text, but if you don’t like your voice text is still an option.

  • Simple and repetitive transitions work. Try using dissolve on 1.5 seconds, shorter clips receive less transition time.

  • For music, use a type of Jazz, a good example of underused music is Autumn by rook1e, you can look it up on YouTube. If you want to use it with iMovie it and other songs in the album (Grape Soda) cost 99¢.

  • Lower the volume of the music when there’s important audio (takeoff, commentary, etc.)

It’s a good video though, hope to see more from you :)

If you want I could find the project in my files and send it your way!

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Awesome! Thank you so much! That’s really appreciated!

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I don’t really like putting my voice over it though

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Another way I can upload music is screen record a song of your choice on Spotify, Youtube, Ect.

Then just upload the video as an audio file.

Great video, lovely plane spotting!


Okay! I will try that (copyright?).

Thank you!

I tried screen recording on multiple platforms then detaching the audio but it didn’t work out.

@AviationFreak text is fine then :) but I would use one font though, just for simplicity.

You can use any song but yes, i would follow the copyright rules, just search up on YT "Non-Copyright Music)

Okay, Wilco. 😂

@Kamryn yes I’ll do that

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Beautiful video!