My LAX to ANC Flight

1) This was my flight I did with one of my friends.

2) The server was Expert, the time was around 5pm PST at departure, and the route was KLAX to PANC


This is cool! I was browsing your channel, when was the Alaska A320 trip report filmed? Great stuff!

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oh thanks. And the Alaska A320 tripreport was filmed a year ago in August 2019. I had no intentions of making a video on it, but i decided I wanted to and had to make the best of very little footage. I’m flying from LAX to PDX in about 3 weeks, so i’ll have a good video on that coming out. Right now, i’m just making daily IF content, and nice PFP

Wow this was a long time ago… kinda

Bumps own topic jkjk

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Nah. Not jkjk 😂

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