My LAX Plan

Okay so I have an idea for controlling LAX traffic but I would need a ground controller and an approach controller so we would need to pick a day and time to pull this off.

I was attempting to control LAX today but with planes wanting to land on virtually every runway and planes wanting to take off on virtually every runway it got to the point where there was just too much traffic. People were listening to instructions just fine it was just too many planes to have to shuffle through.

So here is what I want to propose - Runways 25L and 25R are take off runways and runways 24L and 24R are landing runways. What we would need is an approach controller getting planes over to the 24 runways and ground controller getting planes over to the 25 runways. I think if we do this we won’t have hardly any delays at LAX and it would become quite fun to control.

Anyone want to take a wack at this sometime soon? And yes I know that isn’t how its done at LAX - every runway in every direction is used in real life - however they have multiple controllers that make that possible normally for controlling LAX airspace in infinite flight it is usually only the ground and tower.

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Actually not. Normal operations is using 25L/07R and 24R/06L for arrivals and 25R/07L and 24L/07R for departures.
However I think it´s pretty hard to do on TS as there´s many nimrods.


As @emil said, use the outside runways for arrivals, and the inside for departures. It allows easy vectoring for arrivals from the north and south, and straight in, and allows for ground to easily taxi aircraft from all terminals to the active runway on each side. Further to that, you can safely run parallel landing ops due to the distance between the outside runways.

It’s a seemingly simple principle that has been tried many, many times before on training servers, however it never works. Too many people with absolutely no idea. Again, it brings up the previous requests of allowing the tower controller to ‘highlight’ active runways for arrival/departure, not just left the METAR colour weather-preferred runways all in green


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