My latest flight Timelapses

So guys I know it’s been a while! Reason being is I’ve been quite demotivated and busy but I am back and I have some videos to share with you all!

Newark to Nice

Doha to Milan

Istanbul to Manila

Honolulu to Sacramento

Hope you all enjoy them :) Got some more in WIP including a Airlink E190 video which is all done and dusted. Can’t wait now for 23.2 for the addition of the challenger which you can expect some videos on! Thanks all and have a great day!


The La Compinage video is my favorite. It’s definitely an underutilized and forgotten livery. It’s a bummer La Compinage retired them. I believe they now solely operate the A321LR.


Excellent work, I invite you to cross the mountain range 😍 of the Chilean Andes.

Dude how did you record this without frame loss


I liked them all, very good quality!

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Amazing job to see you posting amazing Timelapses! Im gonna try to get some uploaded this week 😂

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how are the glideslope lines curved, just askin’