My Latest and Greatest! Happy Easter!

Seen that one on Instagram and just fell in love with it, it’s absolutely beautiful.

All of the pictures look amazing. I wish CLT had some mor action for me to go see, but I love the pictures.

You can make wonderful photos with what you get!

Thank you @Qantas094


These are insane! Love the editing and the watermark!

Beautiful. I can’t tell which one is my favourite. Every picture here is top quality! 👌

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I’m speechless.

Wow. Those are amazzinnggggg. The ACA Dash-8 especially. And do you know where the American Eagle E75 was from?

Stunnning Pictures!

Thank you @Pingu @Brisbane_Aviator and @NoahM!


Wow the lighting in the first image is amazing! Were you able to recover the color in post by shooting raw, or was the sky originally that color with a jpeg?

Lots of editing, and gradients to bring back the color. Some color manipulation too. Clouds might be fake ;)


50 Likes! Thanks guys!

Where did you take the AC A319 Retro livery? YYC? Nice pictures!

Noice! Air Canada Retro is quite the catch… the Q400 was pretty cool too.

Nice pictures! Some of them might be slightly noisy (to me at least) but overall I like them!

Some of them were cropped a lot, haha.
@ThomasThePro YYC on runway 29 ;)

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Great pictures @Etrain I love the Air Canada Q400.

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Wow! I’m impressed @Etrain
Also what camera do you use?

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Camera T100. Nothing special, but it gets the job done :)

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Ok awesome!👍

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