My last photos of the year 2019 (Thank you all)

The year is ending and here are my last photos of the year 2019
It has been very exciting this year with everything that has happened

Well here they are:

Qatar One world A359 (Photoshop)

Qatar A359 formation at the gate (With IF Global Aviators)

SP A359 to London

Qatar B787 and the moon

The wonderful A350 the Iberia

A small plane dreaming of a big plane

SAS and the moon shot

Qatar A359 With the moon

Qatar take off and holding short

¡And we end with this photo wishing you a happy holiday and a happy new year to all of the IF community!

Thanks for watching



Tremendous shots! Great job with the editing, free cam and Photoshop.

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Are these also your last photos for the decade? 🤪
Beautiful shots!

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Loving the Singapope! 😂

Even more loving the photoshop!

Hopefully as the new updates roll out we get some new liveries (I wish this game could allow 3rd party devs, I understand completely why not, but I’d be working my ‘donkey’ [lol] off with aircraft that I fly and special liveries that aren’t copyrighted. Also the ones we are missing…)

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No, no no, the One World livery isn’t in IF. But now it is, in forms of a photo. Update 20.1 confirmed. The snow with the A350, another awesome photo there, love the little Santa hat. All the others, are amazing too. Even though I hate the SAS livery, the moonshot still looks great!

I may have said it a million times already, but merry Christmas, and happy holidays.

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