My last photos of 2019 (MUHA-MMUN)

Took shots from my flight from MUHA to MMUN, and a wrap up flight for me of 2019. Happy New Year

Takeoff from MUHA

IDK what this aerobus a320 doing, he is traveling so slow, like 100kts GS slower than me, and has his landing gear down at 15K feet

Great scenery

At this point, I was asleep, goood thing i slowed down to 240 KTS, I passed the airport, and went out like 60nm away from the airport


Plane spotting during sunset at Cancun

Have a great new year IFC community

Bonus Flashback Pics

Taken in May-June ‘18


Great photos🤩. See you in 2020! ;)

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Thanks @ThomasThePro

Probably Stall testing?

Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks @JulianB, he might be 🤔

I highly doubt it but that’s the only “realistic” thing I could imagine here! No problem!

I was traveling around 450gs w/ 20kts headwind, from what i remember he was traveling at 320gs

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Also your last photos of the decade

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Indeeed @TimShan05

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I’ll post more in the future

I think this breaks the 10 photo rule. Maybe delete some photos?

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Alright ill edit again

My Canadian Feelings are raging. You use Air Canada Rouge, when you fly to/from Canada!!!

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