My last infinite flight photo

This will be my last photo and flight thx alot this was such a great community and experience ❤

Be safe guys love all of you😀

Good bye everyone


We’ll meet again,

Dylan S


Very nice last photo. We hope to see you again in this awesome sim and community :)


is it tradition to say goodbye with a song?
just asking:)

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No, it’s just for some fun :) Goodbye @SupraYT_G, hope to see you back on the community soon

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Eh, we saw it fitting :)

I love that song lol. Haven’t seen the movie but I love the song.

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Everything has a beginning and an end.
I only say: , … See you again ‘’!
Stay healthy!

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i declare this the perfect good bye sentence because it rhymessss
all jokes aside goodbye @SupraYT_G

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