My last flights on IF?

Hello, IFC,

I am very sad to announce that I might quit playing IF. I have been playing it for close to 5 years and I have seen all of the great improvements in the sim. The Devs have been working very hard to make IF as great as it is but unfortunately, I think my flying years are coming to an end for the following reasons:

1: I have not been playing a lot recently due to my actual life really being tough these days and my grade on IF and the IFC has gone from grade 4 to grade 2 which is extremely discouraging. (I also lost my regularity on the IFC)

2: I do not understand the Expert server well which forces me to stay on casual du to not wanting reports lowering my grade even more…

3: I am being more and more interested in RWA and photography which also causes me to have less IF time…

Some things I would like to say:

Some memorable moments were:
My 35hr+ flight around the globe a few weeks ago
My first ever group flight with @Joseph007
Very good times spent here with @Latvia
My Regular status (that I kept for a few weeks ):
My first successful event from LFPG to LFBO
that’s about it… :/

I would like to thank:
@MishaCamp (oops, I tagged staff)

I will still stay on the IFC though :)

One last chance to help me change my mind:

Should I leave IF?

  • YES
  • NO
  • Please don’t do it, Robertine
  • None of the above (please explain below)

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Thank You So Much!


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


If ur having hard times etc. Right now just take a break, dont completely abandon it:(


Thank you for the tip, and happy IFC Birthday!


Thanks! :)

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No, don’t go. Please. Stop playing IF if you wish but don’t leave IFC!

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You need anything my PM’s are open. Don’t be shy:) All for one and one for all

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I get you want this to be publisised but this could have easily been posted in Who are you thankful for in the Community?

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Hey, do what want you think is best, but you’re always welcome to come back to Infinite Flight. If have anything you would like to talk about, the community is always open.


Sorry to hear that times are tough for you right now, I hope you find peace and happiness in these moments in your life.Just remember that right now

“This is only a moment in time, and this too shall pass”

Amazing people in my life have told me to “do what makes you the most happy” and if that something is something outside of IF, pursue it!

We appreciate what you’ve done and contributed to this great community, and whatever choice you make, know this… we all will be right behind you. 👍🏻


  • Captain Rowdy

Grade means nothing! Just do a few landings and you can fly on the ES

This should I no way be a reason to leave the IFC. Be here because you enjoy the people and the community, not because you lost the regular tag and the privileges that come with it.

I do understand social stress though, and hope it gets better.


Sad to see you leave please consider staying it’s a really fun flight simulator game and as @Will_A mentioned that’s no the reason to leave IF, also about IFC this is to have fun and talk to people who love aviation also about IF this doesn’t mean if you haven’t been posting or whatever it is that you mentioned that’s no reason to leave, so please stay 😁👍🏽I hope this will help you

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Of course. But don’t worry on flying on the Casual server or looking into your grade. Remember: Flying is the passion and not the grade.

Sad to see you leave. I hope for not too long! Sometimes you should take a break from Infinite Flight as it may get a little boring at times, but do come back eventually!

I am currently on holidays and reaching 5th Grade. I will be really busy studying for school once the school year starts. And, as for holidays I’m currently also unable to fly due to the WiFi system I have. I’ll be back flying in the next month. 👍


Thank you so much for all of your helpful advice. You helped me a lot and I changed my mind. I will stay on the IFC and I will be keeping IF.
Thank you so much everyone!!!


Your welcome mate, happy to see you stay.


I mean you can’t quit now… especially when the A350 is on the way!!!


Glad you changed your mind! Would be really sad to see you possibly leave.


I see that you have mentioned that you dropped from Grade 4 to Grade 2 which made it discouraging, I guess doing more pattern works will get you back up in no time! None the less it is great to know that you will keep playing IF! Hope to see you in the skies!


Happy to see you are staying, we had lots of PM’S last year 👍


Sorry to I see you go, enjoy your life outside the virtual barrier though!