My Last Flight

Hello Community. Well it seems that today will be my last flight before my subscription ends tomorrow. So, I will show you some of my best pictures of my last flight.

These pictures were taken on Training Server from on a flight from KLAX to KSFO on a KLM Boeing 747-200.

Which one do you like?

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Just curious, when you landed, did the Air Force aircraft finish crossing the runway?


Yes it did. It was holding short to cross runway 28L

The KLM Tenerife crash replayed in my head lol


That’s a -200 by the way. Good photos.

I know. Just, it looks like a -100

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Nice to see this livery being used. Hope to see you back in the skies soon! ✈️

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I will return once the A350 is out. Then, I will take pictures of the A350!

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Nice photos. See you back in the skies soon!!

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