My last flight (LSZH-KDEN)

Hello IFC, yesterday was my last flight
I called my friends and members of the Discord Infinite Flight Francophone to make my last flight, my one-year subscription ends today. I don’t intend to take one back before I have a tablet. I’d go back to one later, spent a year and a half chasing flight on the flight and seeing the simulator develop, I can’t wait to have an iPad and be able to play fully at Infinite Flight!

Route Aircraft Liveries Flight Time Server
🇨🇭Zurich (LSZH) to 🇺🇸 Denver (KDEN) Boeing 777-300ER 4 Swiss and 1 United 10h30 Training

Here are the photos of my last flight, a sublime flight scheduled at the last moment

My last plane, my beautiful Swiss that I love 🇨🇭🥰

1 : @misterATOMIC 🇨🇭
2 : @Baba 🇨🇭
3 : traitor 🇺🇸
4 : @Ousmane_Ndiaye 🇨🇭
5 : @ChrisSimu 🇨🇭

Everybody got a pushback? Can we go?

@ChrisSimu taking of Runway 34 with the mountains and the team behind

The traitor, finally we made a convoy for this United!

Me taking off (Aircraft holding short @Daniel_Albuquerque)

Landing at Denver with hard winds 😍

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See you in next time !


Beautiful thread !

Hope to see you soon on the sky

Baptiste D.


Nice shots bro ! I hope y’all enjoyed it.
Glad to be appart of this community 🔥
See you soon !


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Wow awesome thread with very nice shot 😍
BTW United is better than SwIsS 🥴
It’s was a pleasur to fly whith you

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very nice pictures!!

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Thank you bro

Oh yeah nice flight bro

Hahaha @LKA

Thank !

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Beautiful pictures


Nice flight, pictures, and sendoff!!

Hope to see you back soon!

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I hope me too !