My Last Flight For WZZVA

Hey everyone!

Earlier this month, me and @Alexian61 did our last flights for WZZVA, since it got closed.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Wizzair Airbus A321
Total Flight Time: 02h 16min
Server: Expert

Preparing for the flight…

@Alexian61 is holding short RWY21 as I am zooming off

Around 01h 40min into the flight, I descended to 2000ft to perform a low fly-over of the Danube.

A shot from the Gellert hill in Budapest.

A really low fly-over of the Rakoczi bridge.

Climbing up to 6000ft and preparing for our the next trick up our sleeves…

First approach was a low flyover of RWY31L with @Alexian61 flying several feet over me. Pretty sure we may have scared the passengers a little…

Time for my second approach into LHBP, parallel landing with Alexian.

Brought that plane down safely. Alexian, on the other hand, had to go around.

Parked at the gate.

All screenshots were edited.

Before you tune out, I’d like to thank every single person who was in WZZVA for making it the amazing community it was! Thanks to @Alexian61 for joining me on this flight and thanks to @The_Wolf for all he did for the VA!